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A 2021 survey of the global short term rental market asked the question, “What trend can no short term, or vacation rental owner afford to ignore?”

Data being the diligent truth teller it is, revealed that guests today expect MORE.  Including fast, first-class communication from hosts.

But, here’s where it gets interesting.

The data also shows how hosts are less focused than ever on guests and their experience.  Personal interactions are at an all-time low, while competition between short term rentals keeps trending up each year!

Who would have guessed that good old-fashioned service is Your BIGGEST opportunity today?!

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Hey there.
I'm Marta Miner.

Helping Short Term Rental Owners stand out and eliminate competition so they can INCREASE their rental PROFITS...


That's what I’m all about.

Even as a little girl growing up in Poland I remember taking trips with my parents to the Baltic Sea, staying in rooms for rent, and enjoying great family vacations on a tiny budget. That was about 15 years before companies such as Airbnb or VRBO even existed. 

From childhood to my teen years – all through to present day travel and hospitality have always been a central theme of my life.  I have watched the industry grow and change over time, all while absorbing trends, knowledge and experiences.

What I love about owning short term rentals and teaching others how to become successful at owning one – is it’s all my passions combined in one place:

Service excellence, delighting guests and clients by going above and beyond expectations, decorating and design, rehabbing properties and transforming ugly ducklings into beautiful swans – and of course, coaching and helping others. 

As Seen In...

A little bit about me and how I got here...

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I came to the States in my early 20’s and with no clear concept of what I wanted to do with my life, my gut lead me to pick a college degree that would serve me for a lifetime : Hotel and Restaurant Management.  


Result is, there’s no hotel job I’ve not performed, and no difficult-guest experience I’ve not turned around! ☺ 


As luck had it, I worked in many customer-centered industries through my college years - including being a travel agent for hotels.com and a customer service rep for the largest telephone company at the time.  

On many occasions I witnessed unhappy customers transform into buyers for life by simply applying The Golden Rule, and showing the same level of care that I’d hope to receive if it was me in their same situation. 


After college I decided to switch things up and I joined Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  This was the ultimate sales and customer service bootcamp experience.  With military precision I learned a 'no-excuses-ever' style of above and beyond service ethic that truly, deeply stuck.

I took this amazing knowledge, added a sprinkle of Tony Robbins wisdom and applied it to my next job as a pharmaceutical rep.  Within 8 months I was promoted to management which turned out to be an even deeper discovery of hotels and short term rentals all over the US. I spent 7 years flying weekly all over the US to coach my team on providing excellent customer service to their customers which allowed me a frequent opportunity to be a guest in many hotels and rentals.

The continued refining of my skills soon made me an expert at knowing how to win customers, keep them and leverage lifetime value from these relationships, and it seeded the approach I’d take to running my short term rental business.

I’d seen for myself the financial outcome of treating customer like they matter and how it leads to raving fans

I’ve stayed all over the world in all kinds of properties ranging from rooms with a shared bathroom, to exclusive beach mansions and high end $4k per night places like the Ritz and Four Seasons.


I have seen this market from all angles. I’ve travelled on a budget as a teenager and a student, more comfortably as a career professional, a single, a couple; with friends, as a family with teens, with a baby and a toddler, with older family members - you name it.


I’ve seen all there is to see and taken note of enough details and data to last nine lives! ☺

What it ALL boils down to for any short term rental host seeking extraordinary success, is THIS:


Provide amazing service.  

Do things differently.  

Offer something uniquely wonderful and entirely unforgettable.  

Build relationships with your guests, care about them and their experience, they will love you for it!


You’ll stand out by miles, gather a great reputation - and attract the BEST guests.


It’s sad that service excellence has declined so much that today it qualifies as ‘unique,’ yet… here we are.


So here’s a question for you…

How innovative, Instagramable, memorable and ultimately irresistible is YOUR rental?


If you’re not sure where to start - let’s schedule a call!


I would love to help you stand out from the crowd, get frequent bookings and provide unforgettable guest experience!

I've owned investment properties in diverse markets throughout the US.

—including cozy midwest towns,


lakefront luxury,


and booming west coast travel destinations.