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A recent survey of the global short term rental market asked the question,

“What trend can no short term, or vacation rental owner afford to ignore?”

Guests today expect MORE.  Including fast, first-class communication from hosts.

The data shows how hosts are less focused than ever on guests and their experience.  Personal interactions are at an all-time low, while competition between short term rentals keeps trending up each year!

Learn how to stay ahead of those trends and stand out from the crowd

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I'm Marta ,

From childhood to my teen years – all through to present day - travel and hospitality have always been a central theme of my life.  I have watched the industry grow and change over time, all while absorbing trends, knowledge and experiences.

Throughout my 25 year career, I've learned all the skills that I included in my course, so you can:

  • Satisfy the toughest, most demanding guests. 

  • Deliver a service that is unmatched in the industry.

  • Anticipate guests' needs and deliver before they even ask.

  • Create fans for life!

The Short Term Rental industry has changed a lot over the past years and now more than ever your guests expect more.

Your business lives and dies by guests' reviews and you can quickly get pushed out, go to the bottom of the search results and even get removed from Airbnb platform if you are not able to maintain mostly 5 star reviews.


Good news is ... there is a way to set up your business for success. My course will show you step by step how...
  • to provide excellent service.

  • to go above and beyond your guests expectations.

  • to design and decorate to impress your guests.

  • to effectively communicate with your guests.

  • to 'wow' your guests with first class amenities.

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